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With our AI-driven CV-builder you can easily and effectively generate your completed CV including cover letter. The writer creates professional sectioning, summarizing your experience and education, with a consistent tone throughout the entire document.

When your CV is polished and ready, you can just as quickly create your cover letter, fully tailored to your CV. The AI writer takes into account all content inside your CV and generates a completed cover letter in a matter of seconds.

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We offer multiple different designs for your CV and Cover letter, edit the order of the contents in any way you wish.

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99 kr per month or 49kr per document

Either sign up for a subscription for 99sek/month, or choose to purchase documents separately for 49sek/document. But first - try generating your CV and cover letter for free.

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Thanks to Genzee, I saved many hours creating my resume and cover letter. The AI technology made the process smooth and the result professional. I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to impress potential employers!


I will definitely use this in the future when I'm applying for jobs, it's so incredibly good and convenient!



How should a CV look?

In a time where every click, every second, and every line on the screen counts, what does the CV look like that makes recruiters take notice? In a world where technology is constantly reshaping the job market, your CV becomes more than just a paper or a file – it becomes a dynamic narrative of your professional journey. With increasing competition for each position, how do you ensure that your story is the one that gets heard? Let's dive into the art of creating a CV that not only tells but also engages and convinces.

Which job suits me?

In a world full of opportunities, choosing the right career path can be overwhelming. This article provides you with insights and tools to help you find the job that best matches your skills and passions.

Cover Letter: How to write one? And what is it?

A cover letter, also known as an application letter or motivation letter, is a document that accompanies your CV when applying for jobs, internships, or educational programs. It serves as a supplementary tool to provide the employer or educational institute with more information about you as an individual and why you are interested in applying for that specific position or program.

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About us

Genzee is a group of experienced entrepreneurs and tech talents behind AI Technologies Sweden AB. Our goal is to provide an effective solution for job searching by creating professional and tailored CV’s and cover letters aided by AI-technology. We founded Genzee to simplify the application process and to increase the chances for as many as possible to reach their career-goals by offering high-quality documents which impresses potential employers.

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